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About Offchestra

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Offchestra is musical line-up from Pristina / Kosovo, established in 2011 by Sezgin Curi and Ilir Livoreka. After many changes in the band structure, lastly Offchestra forms a unique style which is defined as a synthesis of traditional Albanian and world music (ska, reggae, Latin, jazz, d `n` b, world). Current members of the Offchestra are: Sezgin Curi (Vocal / Bass), Ilir Livoreka (trombone), Faruk Banjska (Guitar), Dukagjin Muhaxheri (sax), Ardian Bytyqi (Clarinet), Granite Paçarada (Drums), Erol `Charlie` Daka (Percussion), Ardit Pira (Trumpet).

Band Members

Sezgin Curi
Sezgin CuriSinger & Bass
Faruk Banjska
Faruk BanjskaGuitar
Dukagjin Muhaxheri
Dukagjin MuhaxheriAlt & Tenor Sax
Erol 'Charlie' Daka
Erol 'Charlie' DakaPercussion
Granit Pacarada
Granit PacaradaDrums
Ilir Livoreka
Ilir LivorekaTrombone
Ardian Bytyqi
Ardian BytyqiClarinet

Ex Band Members

Tomor Shkoza – Drums(2011 -2012)
Ndriqim Bajrami – Keyboard (2011 – 2012)
Ilire Avdiu – Clarinet (2011 – 2013)